Plaque funéraire Vierge Marie couronnée d'étoiles forme livre

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Livraison au plus tôt
Plaque en Plexiglas® 8mm
Anti choc - Anti gel - Anti UV
Impression haute définition
Plaque garantie 20 ans

Plaque Funéraire Vierge Marie Couronnée d'Étoiles

Tribute to the Departed with a Sacred Vision

Choosing a memorial plaque is a deeply personal decision during the time of mourning. Embrace a design that honors the spiritual life and devotion of your loved one. If they found solace and strength in their faith, consider a memorial that reflects their spirituality. A Plaque Funéraire Livre Vierge Marie is not merely a marker; it is a symbol of their belief, a replication of sacred texts such as the Bible, and an emblem of celestial guidance with the Virgin Mary crowned with stars.

With a tasteful blend of grace and reverence, the black marble base complements the serenity of cemetery gardens. This memorial plaque is a vessel of homage, a delicate balance of a life cherished and a faith embraced.

Personalizable and Long-Lasting Memorial

Lasting Craftsmanship for Remembrance

At this difficult time, personalizing the final tribute to the deceased is a profound gesture of love. The elegant Plaque Funéraire Vierge Marie is designed to be tailored to your needs. The durability of plexiglass combines with the dignity of the design, ensuring protection against impacts, frost, and UV rays.

The sentiment and remembrance etched onto this plaque will endure, just as the memories held in the hearts of those left behind. With a 20-year guarantee extended to each family, Plaque Décès commits to upholding the quality and integrity of your chosen memorial, assuring its place as a lasting homage to a life and faith deeply revered.